VGI - Get paid as Inner Version flourishes

What is VGI?

VGI is a groundbreaking new way of rewarding early purchasers of our music by offering a refund and even extra money back on top of that, depending on the success of the project. It requires no work on your part and payments are sent back to you automatically once there are a certain number of sales after your purchase.

Why are we offering this?

It's our way of saying thank you for being one of the early supporters of our music and for spreading the word about the music.

How does it work?

  1. Initially a full 50% of future sales is available to be returned to you.
  2. Each £1 (GBP) you spend in the Inner Version Music Store gives you a virtual share representing 0.01% of the remaining total.
  3. When your virtual share accumulates enough sales (equal to your purchase amount) you will get a payment sent back to you automatically.

Essentially VGI comes as an added bonus to anything you buy in the Inner Version Music Store. Please use PayPal in the checkout process so that we can send money back to the PayPal email address specified.

There is also more in depth information about the mathematics behind VGI as well as the terms & conditions.

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