The mathematics behind Virtual Geometric Investment

The mathematics behind the VGI (Virtual Geometric Investment) concept are beautiful and the model is fully sustainable. By offering an ever decreasing amount with each sale, no more than 50% of the total is given away so that Inner Version Ltd can fund the creation of new music.

The virtual share which £1 (GBP) will buy starts at 0.01% and gradually decreases (but is never zero), thus rewarding early purchasers. It gradually decreases as a geometric series (with a ratio of 0.9999 and a sum of 50%), hence the "Geometric" in VGI.

Terms and Conditions

  • Virtual Geometric Investment represents a concept - it is not an actual share in Inner Version Ltd and as such does not include any shareholder rights.
  • To qualify for the offer you need to pay via PayPal in the checkout process, so that we can send a refund and possibly additional money back to the PayPal email address specified.
  • The virtual geometric investment aspect of the sale is not legally binding. Essentially you are relying on our goodwill and discretion to give a refund and possibly additional money in return.
  • VGI applies only to products sold in the Inner Version Music Store. It includes any items in the store - i.e. both recorded music and piano sheet music, plus any merchandise or other items sold in the store in future.
  • The thresholds for getting money back are as follows (in multiples of the sale amount): 1 (i.e. a refund), 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on.

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