Debut Album - Piano Sketches

The debut album Piano Sketches is available to download at a price set by you (or for free if you prefer).

Cambric Clouds (Piano Sketch) [7:24]

Midnight Rain (Piano Sketch) [3:16]

Us Prisoners (Piano Sketch) [4:11]

Egyptian Concerto, Part 1 (Piano Sketch) [4:23]

Egyptian Concerto, Part 2 (Piano Sketch) [9:07]

Piano Sketches

The album is available as a digital download on Bandcamp in a variety of different formats including 320kbps MP3, and is also available to buy/stream on other music services such as Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

Download Piano Sketches

Free piano sheet music

Each piano sketch is also individually available to download as piano sheet music:

Upcoming Album - Reflections

The second album "Reflections" from Inner Version is currently in development. The first five pieces from the album have been completed so far; the remaining piece will be posted on this page when it is finished.

1. Reflection #1 (Tomorrow) [8:58]

2. Reflection #2 (Jaybird Tales) [4:08]

3. Reflection #3 (Blue Rose) [6:11]

4. Reflection #4 (Pink Rose) [4:44]

5. Reflection #5 (Tail Flowers) [3:28]

6. [ In development ]


Note: The piano sheet music for each reflection is included only in the album download for Reflections.

All of the piano pieces so far are also featured in the online game Tropic Euro, which is an online adaptation of the Puerto Rico board game.


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